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Visas for persons living in Jordan, Syria and Iraq

Visa information

Citizens from Jordan, Syria and Iraq are required to apply for a visa to enter Switzerland. Applications for visa can be submitted to the Embassy of Switzerland in Amman during the opening hours for the public. Visa applicants usually have to submit the documentation to the Embassy in person.

Application forms can be obtained at this representation or you can download it here. Please follow the indicated instructions on the downloaded version.

In the following information sheet (available in English and Arabic) you will find all the visa requirements that you have to submit if the intention of your travel is:

  • tourism
  • business
  • visit of family and/or friends

For other visas such as residence, marriage, reuniting of family members etc. – please contact this Embassy.

If you intend to study in Switzerland you will find the needed requirements in the information sheet:

  • admission of students

If you do not have your permanent residence in Jordan, Syria or Iraq, the Swiss Embassy in Amman is basically not competent to issue a visa. Exceptions can only be granted upon reasonable explanation why the visa was not applied for at the Swiss representation which is competent for your domicile.

For any other foreigners then citizens from Syria and Iraq living in Jordan: If you want to find out if you need a visa to travel to Switzerland please consult the following link of the Federal Office for Migration. If the answer is yes, please consult the information sheet “visa requirements”.

The Slovak Republic will represent the Swiss Confederation in the Republic of Iraq (Baghdad) in processing Schengen visa
As per an agreement between the Embassies of the Slovak Republic in Baghdad and the Swiss Confederation in Amman and as of the 1st of February 2014, the Slovak Republic will begin to represent the Swiss Confederation in the Republic of Iraq (Baghdad) in processing Schengen visa applications for the following purposes:

visa applications for business meetings supported by an invitation of an eligible Swiss company,
visa applications for a theoretical training organized by an eligible Swiss company for its client or employees and by invitation,
visa applications lodged by holders of Iraqi diplomatic, service or special passports, who are citizens of the Republic of Iraq,
visa applications lodged by holders of ordinary Iraqi passports who intend to enter Switzerland on official purposes, including the attendance at international conferences and who are citizens of the Republic of Iraq.

Important Notice: The visa section at the Embassy of Switzerland will be closed on the 19th and 20th of January, 2014.